Shampoo Bars


Rosemary and mint essential oils combine in this shampoo bar to give extra stimulation to your scalp and you will love the wake up fragrance as you shampoo your hair. As with all my shampoo bars, the lather is thick and gives your hair all the natural oils it needs to leave it feeling clean and fluffy. No need to use conditioner! Of course you need to be sure not to get the soap in your eyes and also to let the shampoo bar dry out between uses. It is simple to use and will also be easy to travel with since you don't have any liquid to carry or spill. It is also a responsible choice since there is no plastic bottle to deal with.


My Sage and Rosemary Shampoo Bar with Egg uses a recipe that makes this more of a moisturizing and protein rich shampoo, one that would be appropriate for normal to dry hair. In this recipe I use shea butter, egg yolk, silk, castor oil, avocado oil, and lots of olive oil too which makes this a very rich and outstanding shampoo bar. The sage and rosemary essential oils combine to give this a deep natural fragrance. I've also added spirulina as an added nutrient that also makes it a pleasing green color.


Coconut milk makes this shampoo really fantastic and will make your hair the softest and shiniest yet. I also added coconut, castor, and sweet almond oils along with cocoa and shea butters. I felt the difference right away since this shampoo made my hair so manageable and soft. I put in lemongrass essential oil too so this shampoo is fragrant and warm.