Rosemary Sage Shampoo with Egg


This is a protein shampoo bar made with 4 different oils along with shea butter and egg yolks that will leave your hair conditioned, clean, and fluffy. Rosemary Sage is a shampoo bar that combines rosemary, sage, camphor, and grapefruit essential oils to offer great stimulation to your scalp and greater health to your hair. The oils are nutritious for your hair and the addition of egg yolks makes it very special. I have also added silk to increase the rich lather in this shampoo bar. Like all shampoo bars this makes so much better environmental sense to use than a liquid shampoo in a plastic bottle. It is easy to use: just wet your hair, rub the bar over your hair until you feel there's enough. It will lather up richly and since out easily. Of course you won't want to get it in your eyes. No need for conditioner since your hair already has been conditioned by all these great oils. Easy to use, travels well since there is no liquid to it, and it will last a long time as long as it doesn't sit in water (like any handmade soap). Environmentally friendly and great for your hair!